Usyk v Joshua 2 – LIVE UPDATES

Anthony Joshua


The much anticipated rematch is underway and Joshua has been in fine form in the first two rounds.


At 11: 15pm, the bell sounds.
A cagey first round, with Joshua looking focused and maintaining his guard while Usyk is trying to find his range and searching with his jabs.
Both fighters test each other with body shots in the early moments of the fight with Joshua matching his opponent by landing some blows of his own but will need to let loose in order to win on the scorecards against the Ukrainian.


Joshua tries to mix it up with a crushing right hand to the Usyk body, but the champion shows no signs of being hurt by that one.
Another straight right from Joshua gets some cheers from the British fans, but, just like the first, it’s a tight round to call.



A right uppercut from Joshua, a shot which we’ve seen him have so much success with in the past, but this time Usyk is too quick and dances out the way of it. Good signs of aggression though from Joshua, although he has to be careful to not leave himself open for counters.

Robert Garcia tells Joshua “we’re three [rounds to] zero”, which seems extremely generous. “You’re winning every round champ,” Joshua is then told. Not too sure Joshua has won all three myself, but every round is a close one.


Usyk dances forward and is starting to be more aggressive, but that draws a response from Joshua who also looks to step up the pace himself.

It’s closer than the first meeting was and it all depends on what you like as to how you’d be scoring this one. Just a few signs that it’s beginning to heat up nicely.


A good body shot from Joshua and again Usyk is forced back, momentarily bouncing off the ropes. Better from Joshua. That was some of Joshua’s best work and is the power to the body shots going to be the way to go? Five gone, and it’s anyone’s fight.

Anthony Joshua
Anthony Joshua


A straight right and left hook from Joshua connects, but Usyk instantly responds with some rapid shots to the Joshua body. Joshua then goes for a swinging left hook but can only make a glancing contact.

A left to the body is on target from Joshua, a swinging left hook isn’t.Usyk finds a short left and another. He seems to be growing in confidence, happy he can nullify AJ’s attacks. Usyk lets the arms go in the final few seconds of the seventh but can’t land cleanly.

A brief stoppage as the canvas needs to be dried off and someone leaps in with a towel to dry up the canvas. And away we go again.
Some fast hands from Usyk, but two, three brutal shots to the body from Joshua. His best work has seen the punches into the Usyk body, but it needs to be more frequent and a sustained attack. At the moment it’s one or two shots of success, then nothing following it up with Usyk escaping from trouble.

Joshua dominating this ninth round. His fans believe. Joshua attacks. Usyk in trouble.Joshua on the attack, his best action of the night. A good right left combo from Joshua


Usyk attacks once more, landing at will at the end of the 10th. Joshua had a stunning ninth, but Usyk, showing why he’s the champion with a brilliant 10th.
But Joshua still did manage one great punch himself. However, that could still be a soul-destroying round for Joshua. Two rounds to go. Joshua needs something special and quickly.


A short left from Usyk finds the mark. Both men have had to show a great chin at times. One shot could still send this either way. Both throwing, both looking to land something decisive. The speed and movement from Usyk at times has been exceptional. We’ve got three minutes left and you get the feeling Joshua is going to need the best three minutes of his life if he’s going to regain his belts.