Mental Health: Conte proud of Kane following launch of foundation

Mental Health: Conte proud of Kane following launch of foundation


Tottenham head coach Antonio Conte described Harry Kane as “not only a top player but a top person” after the England captain launched a foundation to change attitudes towards mental health.

On Monday, which was World Mental Health Day, the striker launched the Harry Kane Foundation, with the aims of normalising conversations regarding mental health and tackling stigma.

Kane said he hoped to use his platform to “encourage others to look after their mental health, be their best and not be afraid to ask for help,” during Monday’s launch.

Speaking on the eve of Tottenham’s Champions League fixture against Eintracht Frankfurt, Conte highlighted Kane’s suitability for such a role.

“Harry, for me, is the best person to represent this type of campaign, because he’s not only a top player but a top person,” Conte said.

“He’s a really good example and to give him this type of responsibility is good, because you invite people to follow this campaign.

“I’m sure at the same time Harry is really focused on football. I like that he is involved in this type of situation.”

Kane hopes his own journey to the top level, which saw him endure several loan spells at lower-league sides, can act as inspiration to anybody experiencing doubts over their abilities.

“It’s always been part of my personality to prove people wrong,” Kane said.

“When you look back at my career, going out on loan, the things I had to achieve to get to where I am now… for sure, that’s part of my identity.

“It’s a really important message for any young boys or girls wanting to become footballers or anything in life.

“There are going to be knocks along the way, and ups and downs, but it’s about how you cope with that, keep working and keep moving forwards.”

Meanwhile, Kane is set to take part in another campaign at the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, joining the captains of several other European nations in wearing a rainbow armband as part of an anti-discrimination effort.

Kane intimated on Tuesday that those involved were still prepared to wear the armband in the event of disciplinary action being taken against them, saying: “We’ve decided that we want to wear it and that’s our thought process going forward.

“It’ll be down to FIFA, and the FA, I’m sure, will be in contact with them. I haven’t heard anything personally yet, so at the moment we’re in line to wear it. If anything changes, we’ll cross that bridge when it comes.”