How I’ll spend my Val Day — Falcons star Adule


Spain-based Super Falcons forward Charity Adule tells PUNCH Sports Extra about her Valentine’s Day blues

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

It means a day to celebrate love! To me, it also means a day to give gifts and reach out.

How are you hoping to celebrate it this year?

I hope to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year by reaching out to my loved ones, by giving gifts and exchanging pleasantries and also giving myself a treat!

What kind of gifts are you giving out?

Well, not much, just flowers and chocolates.

Back home in Nigeria, did you celebrate the day?

Yes, I did celebrate the day when I was in Nigeria and it was wonderful then. You could feel it, now I’m beginning to remember old memories.

You’ll definitely celebrate the day in Spain this year. Are you going out with your partner or you’ll celebrate alone?

I will celebrate alone but trust me, I’ll make the most of the day reaching out. I can’t wait for the day to come.

Does your club have plans for the players on that day?

Of course, yes. My new club has already told us about it and the players looking forward to the day.

Do you have a particular dress you wish to wear on that day?

No, I don’t have in mind a particular dress I wish to wear on the day.