Gent boss responds to Orban bench role outburst


By: Ebenezer Bajela.

Gent manager, Hein Vanhaezebrouck, has responded to Gift Orban’s bench role outburst after the player said he deserved to play regularly.

Orban has been confined to the bench by Vanhezebrouk after he failed to score in three consecutive matches.

The 20-year-old was brought in the game against KVV Westerlo on Friday and he netted the third goal in the 88th minute to help his club to a 3-1 win.

After the game, a furious Orban was not happy sitting on the bench and reacted immediately after the game.

“Look, I’m a player who has to grow in a match. I always want to play. I know I still have steps to take, but even if I played at a bigger club, I would also say this: I deserve to play, period,” he said, as quoted by Voetbalkrant.

“I’m not used to this.

“In the end, I can say what I want, but it is the coach who decides. I will have to do my best.”

In another interview with Voetbalkrant, Vanhaezebrouck knew the Nigerian was not happy and responded, “I have yet to meet the first player who thanks me for being on the bench.

“He is a young guy. He has made a great start here. Everything he touched went in. Also today. But he still has steps to take in other areas. We’re not worried.”