Fans warn Joshua to avoid Fury bout    


Peter Akinbo

Fans have reacted to the potential bout between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury in December and many have warned the two-time heavyweight champion from taking the fight.

On Monday, Joshua accepted the challenge of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury after the latter called him out on social media on Monday challenging the British-Nigerian to a December Battle of Britain.

Joshua responded to Fury’s antics with his Twitter handle, “Yea calm. I don’t do the online discussions just for clout, so if you’re really about it shout @258mgt (Joshua’s management). I’ll be ready in December.”

However, under the same Joshua post, fans have cautioned the British-Nigerian to consider restraint.

Popular influencer, Daniel Regha wrote, “Anthony Joshua don’t get ahead of yourself, you are far from ready to fight Tyson Fury judging by your performance against Usyk in which you lost twice in a row; you are no doubt a great boxer, but you are not on Fury’s level yet. Act wise, rebuild yourself before taking on a challenge. No offense.”

Another user, @KingBalmainn commented, “I know you’re not a coward Anthony but sometimes there are battles you don’t fight physically. Tyson Fury is a different type of beast, to be honest.”

@currentiyke joked that Joshua wanted more punishments, “Lmaooo the one you’ve collected never satisfy you?”

Another Twitter user, @ogunsanyah did not think Joshua had any chance at all writing, “Lmao. You that Fury will beat like a lost ram. You that is fighting like you’re applying makeup. Like you didn’t see how aggressive Mike (Tyson) was during those awesome years.”

However, Olufemi Zosu believes Joshua should not be discouraged, “Why are you guys discouraging AJ? “Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit”. Joshua, just make a wish and believe in Jah it gonna come through.”

The PUNCH also reached out to some boxing fans on the streets. One of these, John Jimoh harbors little hopes of a Joshua victory.

“About the Tyson versus Joshua fight, honestly, I feel Joshua is about to go on his third losing streak.

“Though Joshua is faster than Fury, Fury is still quite calm and collected. Joshua is going into this fight with anger in him and hunger for “revenge”, more like a comeback. Which to me, is not the best for now,” he said.

“If I were to be Joshua, I would go for a less competitive person first, before accepting to fight Fury. If you watch Joshua well, it’s quite evident he gives up quickly so I think Joshua is no match for Fury. But above all, I still wish my countryman the very best.”

Tomilola Isijola who enjoys combat sports and is a fan of UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya believes Joshua actually stands a chance.

“Tyson Fury one minute said he wants to retire and spend time with his family, and the next minute, he’s looking for an opponent to fight. It’s interesting the way he called Anthony Joshua out and I think it will be an exciting watch. It’s sounding like he’s asking Joshua to come and redeem himself.

“I think Joshua may stand a chance because he may be coming with the aggression from the fight he recently lost (against Usyk) and I think that he is going to prepare so well for Fury.”

A Nigerian man in his 50s, Taiwo Stephen thinks Joshua is now less physical but can still pull an upset, “I think Anthony Joshua’s form has dropped.

“Back when he first started, he used to fight with more aggression knocking out opponents, but along the line, around when he became Heavyweight champion, he became a less physical fighter, so if he can put more effort and fight as he used to in the beginning, he can beat Fury.”